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ZOO shoes concept store design in Chile

Location: Chile
Source: daw
Made by: DAW Studio
Published in: January 17 2013 / Shoes / Bags
The client, Equity Brand & Retail, required the development of a brand oriented to satisfy the demand for sneakers and accessories for ‘urban tribes’.

The work of branding was developed according to a methodology based on the ‘street recollection’ concept, which collects the insights of the target market from contextual observation. This method rescued the essential characteristics of a target group that did not respond to traditional stratifications. Finally, the definitions of the ‘strategic platform of the brand’ allow a tangible ‘value proposition’ in all instances of contact with the brand: stores, website, communication, events and products.
brand oriented, sneakers,work of branding, strategic platform , Daw design,Equity Brand & Retail,

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