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Zilli luxury store in Tysons Galleria in McLean, Virginia

Location: Virginia
Source: Streetsense
Made by: Streetsense
Published in: February 11 2013 / Fashion Stores
Streetsense, an integrated brokerage, design, branding, marketing, and architecture firm announced today that they recently designed the second U.S. store location for ZILLI, a Lyon, France based men’s clothing atelier.

The fashion brand recently unveiled its 2,000 square foot store in the upscale Tysons Galleria in McLean, Virginia. Classically modern, the store’s inviting architectural expression was designed to establish a presence in one of Washington, DC’s most vibrant shopping destinations. The store’s design remains true to ZILLI’s use of luxurious finishes, including mahogany, brass and fine leathers.

According to streetsense, their team knew this store needed to be re-imagined from ZILLI’s New York City flagship store, which is located in the Four Seasons Hotel on East 57th Street. “ZILLI’s Washington, DC client is highly refined, powerful and in control. Therefore, the space is reflective of their luxurious and contemporary lifestyle,” said Alexander Crawford, Director of Interior Architecture at streetsense. “Prior to designing the space, we looked at our target audience and embraced their lifestyle. It was important to us to understand who we were designing for and the end result is reflective of the process we went through to understand them," says Tina Ruiz-Ellen, Project Manager for streetsense.

The storefront façade consists of large glass windows trimmed in polished mahogany and brass and creates a contemporary, yet luxurious presence. Black granite floor tiles are etched in gold with the distinguished ZILLI logo and help frame the entrance. Creating visual engagement as you precede further inside, a backlit display panel adds a modern element to the space as does a large mannequin wall display.

The front and middle sections of the store are dedicated to pleasurable product browsing through meticulous space planning, innovative displays and the clever use of lighting to bring about an ambience of inviting elegance. The back portion of the store continues to bring progressive sensibility to the luxurious retail experience with a private consultation area that includes a gold domed ceiling reflective of the numerous domes throughout Washington, DC’s architecture symbolizing power, balance and order.

The semi-private backroom space also includes a custom designed circular carpet that showcases one of ZILLI’s many elite textile patterns; and a wall of adjustable mirrors that allows for the master tailor to perfectly fit the client.

Additionally, ZILLI’s Tysons Galleria store is the second location to offer women’s fine luxury accessories, including coats, handbags and other fine accessories. The women’s area was designed to delight, surprise and entertain the distinguished woman.

About streetsense:
Streetsense is an integrated brokerage, architecture, design, branding, and development company specializing in retail, hospitality, restaurants and real estate. Established in 2001, Streetsense is the premiere, and only truly full-service, retail-centric company in the real estate market today. For more information, please visit http://www.streetsense.com
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