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Ziano Montello luxury shop by DaW in Santiago Chile

Location: Santiago, Chile
Source: daw
Made by: DAW Studio
Published in: January 17 2013 / Fashion Stores
DAW was assigned with the development of a brand oriented towards the luxury segment of tailoring, that must compete with the most prestigious international brands, operating in the exclusive Nueva Costanera neighbourhood in Santiago. The ‘value proposition of the brand’ relies heavily on the deep knowledge of the industry that Sergio Arias has, focusing on the needs of his clients, who are businessmen and public figures who have important reputations to uphold. In this way, the development of a ‘strategic platform’ and consequent ‘positioning proposal’ allow the design of a sophisticated and cutting edge image that is strongly expressed through their first store.

The architecture of the store consists of the work of a fragmented skin for its exterior facade, composed by bevelled mirror modules. The interior was designed as a more neutral space, interlacing bright elements, stainless steel and opaque surfaces and incorporating rails in the paneling.
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