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XXS - mobile phone shop design in Hamburg Germany

Location: Hamburg
Source: architizer
Made by: -
Published in: January 21 2013 / Fashion Stores
A ribbon is the basic design concept. It begins with the outside advertising component which attracts the customer in the shop. The display area runs along the whole breadth of the premise. It is not only in itself an originality in design but through its’ dynamic flowing line, it draws the customer deep into the interior.
The purist exclusiveness of the mobile phones and their accessories is further emphasised by being exhibited in a splice that is carved into a display unit. The flowing movement of the sculpture is reinforced by the tilted wall, which also pushes the actual products further into the foreground. The impression of a floating piece of furniture is further intensified through the circular line of floor and overhead lighting that surround the tilted display elements.
basic design concept, The display area, customer, floating piece of furniture, exclusiveness, mobile phonesgsm shop, magazin telefoane mobile, tilted wall

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