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Woodberg – natural grooming supply store by why the friday, Darmstadt – Germany

Made by: Why The Friday
Published in: August 02 2017 / Beauty / Body Shops
Natural Grooming Supply, a successful online shop for men’s grooming products, opened their first brick-and-mortar shop in the co-owners’ hometown. The popular Schulstraße is the best place for entering Darmstadt’s retail sector. The connection of online and offline is evident in the shop’s design: the shop’s spatial structure contains large storage shelves that are deliberately used both as design elements and for dispatch.

The main element is a central zone that combines all actions performed around the retail experience: customers can sit down and receive counsel, or try Woodberg’s products at the sink. Surrounding this functional zone, several shelves for product presentation emerge from the shop’s rear side where the storage shelves are located.
The central zone extends to the shop window, attracting further attention from the outside. The line between online and offline is drawn by the arrangement of function and furniture; however, this line is not shown directly, as evidenced, for instance, by the counter with its rear section and coffee machine or by the display that connects storage and product presentation.

Additionally, the huge, bright surfaces are contrasted by the dark blue furniture, which simultaneously indicates the areas of interaction to customers. Unique elements are the hand-crafted cement tiles and the oak bench, topping off the concept of materials.

Design: why the friday
Photography: FOOB photographers and designers
Woodberg,natural grooming,store design, amenajare magazin, design spatii comerciale, design magazine, concepte de magazin, why the friday, Darmstadt, hand-crafted cement tiles

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