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Winter Milk ice cream store design and branding by Anagrama

Location: -
Source: anagrama
Made by: Anagrama
Published in: April 05 2017 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Winter Milk is an ice cream shop characterized by its wide variety of fresh lactose based products, hand crafted with one hundred percent natural ingredients. Ice cream cones, popsicles, milk shakes, frappes, and desserts stand out from their menu. Currently, Winter Milk owns 16 locations. The concept for this shop suggests an atmosphere and experience suitable for enjoying and sharing an ice cream the traditional way with its family and friends.

The graphic identity centers on employing different typographies acknowledging the graphical hand-made labeling and signs at cafeterias from the 60's.
The result comprises a compendium of custom made logos for the brand collateral and store interiors. The color palette reflects a combination of warm oranges and fresh blues. The orange gradation references the emblematic traditional color of the Dutch monarchy while the blues resemble the winter and cold climates. The interior design and tones are inspired by Wes Anderson's style.
Winter Milk , anagrama, ice cream shop, branding, retail identity, store concept, Wes Anderson, Branding, Packaging,Interiorism

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