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Wild Olive beauty shop Bucharest

Location: Bucharest
Source: Glamshops
Published in: November 12 2013 / Beauty / Body Shops
A good retail concept includes design elements that can be easily related to the brand or product even after a long time from visiting the store.
If you ask us to define a link between brand and location for the Wild Olive shop in Bucharest, it should sound like:That old white house, with black awnings, stylish black interior with the look of a luxury drugstore.
Choosing dark's as the main color requires courage, especially in a shop interior where customers can react differently to black.
However it is one of the fortunate cases, in which black combined with wood flooring, Ruschita marble, custom made fixtures and displays, excellent product displays... outlined the flawless, clean and elegant interior of the Wild Olive shop.
"Wild Olive African Artisans" opened the first European Standalone shop in 2012 in Bucharest, the birthplace of its Creative Director, Marioara de la Tara.
The shop creates a bridge between the Cape of Africa, where the origins of the brand are located, and Romania, for those who are interested to learn about this part of the world, but also those who are looking for quality natural bath, body and home products.

The shop design hovers around the 1920’s Art Deco style, the time when the building was originally built, style modulated after Wild Olive’s brand identity. Local materials such as Ruschita marble and the pecan nut wood were selected for the interior, the design direction being created in association with Romanian artists such as Alexandru Ciutureanu, Marioara de la Tara, Brandusa Ungurasu and Ana-Maria Galeteanu, each one of them putting the print of their style into the concept.

Wild Olive’s initial intention was to remind the customers of the experience of old apothecary shops, where the service offered is personal and dedicated.
The shop’s design, as much as the product selection, but most importantly the approach towards the consumers, all serve a specific purpose, that of creating long term relationships, based on respect, and the satisfaction of offering solutions to the modern and discerning individual, the one used to being in charge, to explore the new...
The shop is opened by appointment, and by request offers confidentiality, however, if you are just passing it on the street, you will have to understand the subtle message in the windows...
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