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Walls of rocks in Luiza Barcelos shoe store by Pedro Lazaro

Made by: Pedro Lazaro
Published in: November 06 2014 / Shoes / Bags
At the Belo Horizonte retail location for Brazilian shoe brand Luiza Barcelos, designer Pedro Lazaro has used rocks contained within metal cages to define areas within the store.

From the designer:

For this women’s shoe store, I thought an atmosphere where women feel at home at the same time with a sensual appeal that involves women’s shoes; elements such as curtains, mirrors, chairs and ottomans hand embroidery, fit into a dense architecture where plans of stone and steel screens associated with concrete generate the contrast necessary to translate the desires that women have for shoes.

The same way you feel at home also be sexy, to segment the display of products, these are revealed in surprising ways where theatrical lighting plays a key role in short, the space dialoguing with the desires of the female nature.

This is the first one and I’m working in 5 others stores, whithin the same concept in Rio, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte.
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