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visual merchandising in Christies exclusive lingerie boutique

Location: Krakow, Poland
Source: morphostudio
Made by: Morpho Studio
Published in: January 17 2013 / Fashion Stores
Interior design of a boutique selling exclusive lingerie, located in a renovated historic tenement in Kraków’s Old Town.

The boutique comprises three zones. The first one is an exclusive space where limited collections are presented; the second is a store, whereas the third one includes changing rooms, as well as a cosy waiting room and a café corner.

The entire interior is decorated with soft, feminine, warm colours - hues of beige, white and brown. The interior’s light and classic character is highlighted by deliberately aged elements such as balustrades, chests of drawers and tables

Visual Merchandising made by:
in Kraków’s Old Town, exclusive lingerie, exclusive space, Christies lingerie,interior’s light,chests of drawers and tables, MHSHOWROOM visual merchandising,

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