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vibrant Hermès windows by Edward Granger

Location: New York
Source: frameweb
Made by: Edward Granger
Published in: November 04 2015 / Shop Window Displays
Edward Granger's vibrant Hermès windows act as an extension of the urban landscape

Brooklyn-based artist Edward Granger was invited to design windows for selected Hermès boutiques in New York City as part of Vitrine d’Artiste, an ongoing programme involving local artists. Flâneur Forever (think of flâneur in this case as a ‘city observer’) is the brand’s annual theme, which Granger interpreted as an exploration of the New York City landscape.

The Madison Avenue shop windows, brimming with thematic references, featured seemingly animated geometric shapes in tones ranging from cool to warm. ‘I view it as being analogous to the constant pulsing energy and vibrant electricity of New York City life,’ says Granger.

As an architecture graduate, he has a sensitive eye for the built context. The focus of his display-window designs is spatial geometry and his intention to make each window an extension of the surrounding metropolis. The painted metal scaffolding that spreads across several windows symbolizes New York’s emblematic fire escapes, and the spectrum of colours reminds us of the depth and complexity of a city composed of innumerable layers.

Photos Tom Sibley
hermes, Edward Grange artist, Vitrine d’Artiste, Flâneur Forever, Madison Avenue shop windows

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