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Via Bus Stop Museum Windows display

Location: Tokyo
Source: frameweb
Published in: November 23 2012 / Shop Window Displays
Postcard Perfect Window Display

The humble envelope serves a high design purpose, in this window by Kazunori Matsumura and Tymote.

The designers were asked to create a window around the theme 'letter' for VIA Bus Stop Museum in Tokyo. To create the backdrop, inspired by Japanese paper screens, they used 1500 envelopes and 200 postcards.

The envelopes are arranged to reveal the corners of postcards, eventually disassembling and appearing to fly away. From the other side, the thin paper created a play of light and shadows inside the shop.

Matsumura’s inventive designs have featured on Frameweb before – earlier this year, he displayed The Voice of Winds, a cloud of suspended branches that replicate sounds from nature.
Letter To You Letter From You by Kazunori Matsumura/Tymote
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