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Vertu Shop

Location: Tokyo
Source: retail-square
Made by: -
Published in: November 22 2012 / Electronics / Gadgets
Nokia opened in 2009 the doors to their first ever Vertu flagship store in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan. Nokia’s Vertu lineup of extra-luxurious and expensive handsets caters to those with the wherewithal to splurge on a mobile phone with a five-figure price tag. So, it’s fitting that Nokia’s Vertu flagship store exudes the same hand-made quality, sleek elegance and flashy design that has come to define Vertu’s handset lineup.Nokia is making a big push to peddle their high-end Vertu handsets to well-heeled Japanese elite. After pulling the Nokia brand out of Japan Nokia has decided to market the Vertu brand as a lifestyle choice. The Vertu store is a veritable statement from Nokia that asserts the Finnish handset maker’s commitment to penetrating the Japanese uber-luxury market. Recent rumours tell us that the shop will be shut down end of 2011.
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