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VANILLA BEANS chocolate shop in Yokohama

Location: Yokohama
Source: bamboo-media
Published in: March 25 2014 / Restaurants / Bakeries
“CHOCOLATES MAKE YOU HAPPY!!” is the keyword of this VANILLA BEANS project. Two years ago, we altered a meeting room in their head office the multipurpose room to a multipurpose room which can function as a kitchen, dining and meeting space for all staff members.

Since then, we have run simulations in order to realize a real shop. They finally won the grand prize in “RAKUTEN shop of the year 2012″ and activated the real shop plan (RAKUTEN is a popular e-commerce site in Japan). “VANILLA BEANS” shop is located in Bankokubashi in Yokohama where not so many people appear. We thought the point is how to provide a real entertainment which internet can never do. The café where guests can enjoy limited menu watching the Ferris wheel of Yokohama.

The chocolatier that makes original chocolate in front of guests. The place where guests can feel a factory physically. And of course the joy to choose and buy from full range of the products.
“VANILLA BEANS” shop was born with the ideas, “BUY & MAKE & EAT”. We think we successfully realized shop’s concept “CHOCOLATES MAKE YOU HAPPY!!”. Still a new culture seems to be born in Yokohama. (Katsuya Iwamoto)

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