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Ulysse Nardin in Moscow

Location: Moscow
Source: hautetime
Made by: -
Published in: June 24 2014 / Jewelry / Watches
The Russian market is one of the most important for Ulysse Nardin. Entrepreneur Rolf Schnyder, who revived the brand in the early 80s and restored Ulysse Nardin to its former greatness, spoke of Russia in superlatives until his death in 2011. Schnyder knew and admired Russian culture, and repeatedly visited the country, getting to know local tastes.

It is not too surprising then that Ulysse Nardin was among the first haute horlogerie brands to enter the Russian market. In the last decade, the brand even opened its own boutique in St. Petersburg – a city that was considered an embodiment of Russia as a whole by Schnyder. Moscow was next; in November 2010 Ulysse Nardin opened a flagship boutique on the Russian capital’s famed Nikolskaya street.
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