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Tsumori Chisato Shanghai flagship store by Igarashi Design Studio

Location: Shanghai
Source: urdesign
Published in: March 27 2014 / Fashion Stores
Women fashion brand Tsumori Chisato has recently opened its latest flagship store designed by Igarashi Design Studio in Shanghai. Following boutiques in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Paris, this latest iteration evokes the Japanese fashion designer’s keen attention to detail. The design process starts from searching for materials and examining forms and patterns to match Tsumori’s tastes, and finally the images are incorporated into space design.

The shop facade features traditional ‘Seigaiha’ wave patterns in several shades of gold. Elegant and distinctive curves outlining the openings are determined by overlaying Tsumori’s freehand sketch lines and illustrations onto the facade. Clothing racks are designed according to Tsumori’s illustration, and fun and charming design elements are scattered around the shop.
After entering through the entrance arch, visitors are led into the unique ‘entrance dome’ composed of a colorful collage of glass mosaic tiles. Curved planes are employed in many places in the interior to create a gentle atmosphere. Golden dots and wave patterns on the walls make upward flowing movements continuing to the ceiling. Cloud-shaped lightings on the ceiling illuminate the space and display shelves made of the same cloud-shape, and other fun elements surround the space.

Visitors are pleasantly surprised to encounter a happy co-existence of the brand’s brilliant products and this unique shop space composed of various shapes, materials and colors. The space is filled with an extraordinary and uplifting world of Tsumori Chisato.
Tsumori Chisato, Shanghai flagship store, Igarashi Design Studio, traditional ‘Seigaiha’ wave patterns, Cloud-shaped lightings,

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