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TRUTH Coffee Shop In Cape Town, South Africa

Location: Cape Town
Source: yatzer
Made by: -
Published in: September 16 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Cape Town's much renowned and favourite coffee chain, Truth, has a headquarters that’s really worth shouting about. Imagine a ''steampunk'' inspired coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa. Yes, you heard that right. It's a reality and a pretty fabulous one at that thanks to an incredible design by Haldane Martin. Truth and its aesthetic have created as big a buzz as the coffee it serves, brought to life by connoisseur David Donde. Here it seems great coffee in great surroundings is the order of the day and we’re certainly not complaining.
As the name suggests, Truth is a coffee company with strong and transparent beliefs. The company thrives to challenge convention and mediocrity endeavouring to provide the very best coffee which can be enjoyed in inspired surroundings. Metal piping and old machinery give the impression that something special's being created here, and that is the truth (pun intended) because the coffee that is created and served stems from a passion for the exquisite beverage itself and getting the maximum enjoyment from drinking it.

The design focuses around a cast iron vintage roaster drum; the cast iron gives off radiant and convective heat making for a stronger flavoured coffee than other coffees brewed in the more common steel drums introduced in the seventies, and it is this attention to detail that is key to this coffee joint. The stripped wooden floors and the metal girders, mesh and lighting, casually hanging to enhance the space, create an exciting and industrial feeling that's almost like stumbling into a secret members club from a bygone era hidden in a warehouse.

There is so much to behold in this space that it is overwhelming in the very best way possible. Like a great coffee it touches all of the senses; the eye skims the large space to take in vintage posters, metal piping and an old sewing machine and type writer displayed on the highly ornate main bar painted in metallic to bring out the detail and capturing light in what is otherwise a consciously dusky and sumptuous atmosphere. Here everything serves to complement everything else where the stripped wood, the worn metallic, the green paint and leather chairs are guaranteed to get even better with time. Opulent studded leather armchairs and booths create an intimate and grand atmosphere not usually associated with a standard coffee joint. But this isn't a standard coffee joint - as it’s like stumbling into something special, a place that has been created out of love and a passion for the product and experience.

A destination that offers first-class coffee, Truth’s headquarters are sure to win over any taste-buds in a space that guarantees to stimulate all the other senses too. Now what's not to love about that?!
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