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TRANSMISSION store by Tomasz Linke, Poznań – Poland

Location: Poznań, Poland
Made by: Tom Linke
Published in: September 25 2014 / Fashion Stores
TRANSMISSION is a brand founded in 2008 in Poznan, Poland. Inspired by wild trips to the unknown, nature and the highs from rock n roll. Finding happiness in what is the simplest in nature, away from the city and day to day life. The brand was created based on a desire to make things that get better with age.
 Philosophy which merges past with present, technology and handcraft, aesthetics and functionality.
We use the highest quality materials free from harmful substances impacting human health. Everything is produced in humanitarian conditions and in line with strict ethical standards. Only in limited quantities. We are taking care to choose natural materials which are also eco friendly.
 TSMN is currently working with experienced craftsmen, sewers and fabric manufacturers.
 All working together to bring hand-crafted products, always focused on detail and quality. We also produce our stuff on the back of the shop.

With attention to detail you can find here more than 100-year-old recovered, original wooden floor Pre-war, hand signed windows installed in the counter. Painted store front with the historic high wheel. Handmade furniture and unique décor accessories. Behind all the design and ideas is the founder of the company, Tom Linke.
TRANSMISSION store, Tomasz Linke, Poznań, wood interior, vintage style, vintage stores, natural materials, craftsmen, wooden floor, Tom Linke

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