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Tory Burch Autumn windows display by Tory Burch & Seen Displays

Location: London
Source: retail-focus
Published in: October 30 2017 / Shop Window Displays
For Autumn, Tory Burch has launched a series of windows at its flagship London stores. A soft glow has been added to the backdrop of the stores with a 3D-lit effect scheme. Layers of laser-cut and etched oak were assembled to create a nostalgic farmhouse scene, which was inspired by Tory Burch's own Hamptons family home. Features include intricate woodwork to reflect the illuminated windows, trees and cascading vines.
As Tory Burch gives Londoners a glimpse into her iconic Southampton lifestyle, passers-by are greeted with the warmth of embedded lights hidden between the oak layers, adding a depth of contrast and drama to the window.
The window design was created by Tory Burch, and adapted and produced by Seen Displays for the Regent Street and New Bond Street stores.
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