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The Webb Street Company homewares shop

Location: Fowey, Cornwall
Source: www.weheart
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Published in: July 04 2013 / Other Stores
The Webb Street Company in Fowey, Cornwall, puts us in mind of the gentlemen explorers of the beginning of last century, who, lacking any need of a proper job, went off “collecting” rare curios and dabbling in botany and lepidoptery. With their interior layout, husband and wife team Millard&Flo display the homewares like museum exhibits in a marvellously vintage feeling space, with old-fashioned price labels and reclaimed display units adding to the effect.

English apple crates house objects that might have been salvaged from a ship that didn’t quite make it back into port, while above them the scientific drawings could have come straight off the pages of a Victorian journal. The central cash desk is reclaimed timber (as are the lights hanging above it), but other joinery such as the shelving has been specially created for the place by Landmark. The contrast between the natural wood of the display systems and the products stand out brilliantly from the whitewashed panelling behind. Beautifully simple.
The Webb Street Company, homewares shop,vintage appeal,museum exhibits,old-fashioned

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