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The Room Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong
Source: frameweb
Made by: Joey Ho Design
Published in: January 11 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Exploring a Relationship Between People, Food and Space
Despite being just one room, a Hong Kong restaurant is a topsy-turvy mix of walls, ceilings, windows and floors.

‘To go beyond the physical limitation presented in the size of the restaurant, we drew inspiration from Dutch artist M.C. Escher,’ says designer Joey Ho. ‘This transformed the “room” into a dramatic and engaging place.’

A mix of architectural elements – think windows, staircases and balconies – are suspended from the ceiling and walls, creating divisions in space. According to Ho, the result creates a ‘room’ like concept, allowing designers to feel at home while eating.

‘This design creates a contemporary elaboration on a spatial structure, so as to increase the consumer’s emotions and to establish a brand new relationship between people and food space,’ Ho says.
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