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The North Face - Flagship Store by Green Room Design

Location: London
Published in: November 17 2015 / Fashion Stores
UK, 2nd November 2015:
The North Face® flagship store on Regent Street has opened its doors with the first of an international roll-out of store redesigns, developed by Green Room.
This new concept brings to life a customer experience designed for their target consumer through the creation of a ‘progressive playground’. Rather than somewhere to simply shop, this ‘playground’ is designed to promote enjoyment, training, discovery and activity, creating an environment that unites a group in their desire to better themselves and further their pleasure in tackling the great outdoors.

Green Room’s design conveys the passion and desire for the outdoors at its heart. This is expressed in furniture vernacular that references exploration coupled with architectural and material features that create an emotional link. These include sky windows that react to changing weather patterns and the use of living components in the space. Digital windows also draw customers to the store, creating a living link to broader The North Face® activities including campaign and expeditions.
Fundamental to optimising the store experience, the layout has been adjusted to meet the different aspirations through ‘live’, ‘train’ and ‘explore’, rather than a pure expression of range. This is complemented by a wall system that allows for hero products to be celebrated and gives intuitive customer guidance in a complex product selection.

Stephen Cherry, Senior Director Retail EMEA at The North Face® commented, “Green Room has created a holistic view of our target consumer and developed an understanding of how they relate to our brand in retail. They have worked with us to create a dynamic space on Regent Street that answers this consumers needs and future aspirations.”
To further the united feel, an area of the store has been set aside to connect and foster local community. The investment in a community manager to build up local insights, recommendations, and encourage engagement amongst like-minded consumers is key to the proposition and inspires modern explorers to nurture their adventurous streak. The space is designed to provide a hub for regular events, accommodate appointment-to-view product launches and talks by leading experts. This zone also offers an area of quiet to reflect on achievements and activity.
Mike Roberts, Chief Creative Officer from Green Room, commented; “Our starting point for any concept is a deep understanding of the customer experience, and we are excited to see this realised in the first inception of the new store design in Regent Street”.

The launch of the Regent Street store follows the successful retail refresh by Green Room of the Milan store, and will soon be followed by the launch of the global flagship The North
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