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The Bright Young Things concept store and window display by Bonsoir Paris

Location: London
Source: bonsoirparis
Made by: Bonsoir Paris
Published in: December 02 2013 / Shop Window Displays
The Bright Young Things initiative is a launch-pad for young creation, legitimizing the selected designers by giving them a space to display their creative prowess. We decided to use this showcase in a factual approach by designing a store that plays with materials and feelings through a unique furniture collection.

Our idea for the Bright Young Things concept store and window display was to create a simple mix of ephemeral inflatable modules and timeless marble forms. These modules, inspired by ephemeral structures from the 1960′s, play with the transparency and weight of materials. We select two main materials: air (encapsulated by inflatable plastic) and marble. Despite 60’s inspirations, the new use of these materials gives a very futuristic effect.
On the one hand, inflatable plastic is a temporary material : a materialisation of the air that also refers to a childhood world. From bouncy castles to floating installations on water, this building system is both practical (ease of transport and storage when deflated) and aesthetic (inflatable forms are punctuated by beads of different sizes). On the other hand, marble is a noble material, synonymous with luxury and timelessness. Its texture and pattern contrast with the transparent plastic. This play on paradoxical properties leads to a retro-futuristic aesthetic which represents both the luxurious and the pop universes.

This installation illustrates the minimalist and metaphorical spirit of Bonsoir Paris. This is our interpretation of Bright Young Things : splendor and freshness.


Bonsoir Paris
Andrew Meredith
The Bright Young Things concept store, Bright Young Things window display, design by Bonsoir Paris, inflatable modules, timeless marble forms, 60’s inspirations, design vitrina, elemnte gonflabile vitrina,

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