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THE ARCTIC NORTH POLE SCENE - John Lewis windiws display

Location: London
Source: wendylady1
Made by: -
Published in: October 28 2013 / Shop Window Displays
The next run of windows, round the corner at the front of the store, into Sloane Square, are black and white, instead of white and red, and the floor is very shiny black vinyl, looking like water with big chunky ice floes, and various Polar animals running amok amongst all the large electricals...
A large Arctic wolf threatens a pack of small penguins on the neighbouring floe - (you do have to forget for a minute that penguins are down in the South Pole !!) - the wolf is made from assorted lighting again, and the penguins are made out of smart black coffee-makers with white cups at the front !! Their beaks are bright yellow plastic lemon reamers, and their orange webbed feet are plastic slotted spoons !

More fabulous birds - puffins made out of various kitchen utensils, including scissor-style nut-crackers for a beak and slotted strainer-spoons for feet - their tail feathers are the handles of bright lime-green knives !
Just look at the wonderful Snowy owls in flight - another amazing bird creation !! White plastic spatulas have been put to good use in forming their wings, their bodies are upside-down white kettles with their bases, and white tea-pots form the faces, with egg-timers for eyes !!
Our brightly coloured range of Kenwood 'kMix' kettles have been put to brilliant use with this pack of miniature penguins huddled together in a very small ice-floe...
The little penguins are hopping everywhere, in and out of fridges and dishwashers, up and down the window, from ice-floe to ice-floe !! Here's a bit of a piece-de-resistance - each window has at least two !! This is a whale coming up for air - a couple of Smeg appliances, a fridge and a dishwasher, have been sliced in half diagonally to create the head, body and tail fins, whilst the blow-hole is spurting out a fountain of shiny chrome spoons !! Even the plates stacked inside the dishwasher give the illusion of that odd plankton filter that whales have instead of normal teeth!

The other piece-de-resistance is the beautiful life-size polar bear, completely made out of Nintendo Wii products - spot the Wii gaming add-ons that you can buy - his legs are made out of the little steering wheels, and his body is made out of the Wii board, with various other bits and pieces making up the rest !! His face is made out of the Wii hand-sets...and I love his toes made out of the little white nunchuks - the extra little handset for your other hand !

Last, but definitely not least, are my absolute favourites - even better than the rabbits and hares, reindeer or the brown and polar bears - these shiny chrome eagles are simply stunning!
With a full array of very sharp kitchen knives forming the wing feathers, with the tall cheese grater for legs, and various other bits of shiny chrome cutlery forming their beaks and bodies, these magnificent creatures are most definitely my star of the show !

Here's the Sloane Square end of the window run along the King's Road frontage, and a couple of very excited passers-by pointing at the penguins emerging from the dishwasher !! A typical reaction from the general public who have been energetically receptive to the joys of the 'Spot the Product' game that this window run inspires !!
The Oxford Street store has the same treatment for their windows too, but the Peter Jones run is much bigger because we have the longest continuous window run in London (in other words, they're not separate self-contained boxes with convenient grids across the ceiling or anything like that) - and the biggest square-footage of window space of any store in London - even Selfridges or Harrod's apparently !!
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