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Surrender boutique Singapore - studio Asylum’s design

Location: Singapore
Source: frameweb
Made by: Studio Asylum
Published in: March 28 2017 / Fashion Stores
SINGAPORE – Turn into the Surrender boutique and follow the curves of its doorways and walls to discover a fresh, multisensory retail experience tucked away from the hot and heavy crowds of Orchard Road.

Singaporean studio Asylum’s design for the boutique reflects the highly curated nature of the Surrender brand, appealing to the edgy sensibilities of the fashion-conscious locals who frequent it.

The store’s aesthetic is inspired by Richard Serra’s minimalist metallic sculptures, and conjures images of papyrus scrolls using metal panels in a hard, cold palette. The scroll device in the façade especially, obscures the shop’s interior from prying eyes – creating a mood of exclusivity without intimacy.
The theme of arcs and curvature extends inside the space, also in a monochrome palette. At the epicentre of the curved walls and shelves in the store, two whirled display tables draw the eye, with steel clothing racks flanking the sculptural showpieces.
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