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Suprise box for Ego men's fashion concept in Bucharest by Glamshops

Location: Bucharest
Source: glamshops
Made by: Glamshops
Published in: December 02 2014 / Shop Window Displays
Surprise is theme of this Christmas shop window for "Ego Men's Fashion Concept" in Bucharest. It’s the surprise and wonder that we all have when we open a Christmas present.
The left side of the window is a showcase for casual wear, with a 1m tall "gift box" covered in red plexiglass and metal ribbons.
The right side of the window is dedicated to"ceremony items" and gift box is plated with 3mm mirror panels and metallic ribbons.
ego men's fashion, vitrina ego men's, suprise box, spring box, mirror plated, plexiglass, amenjare vitrine craciun

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