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Superb bicycle boutique by OZIIO, Boston

Location: Boston
Made by: Oziio
Published in: January 25 2013 / Other Stores
A bicycle boutique with a focus on fixed gear & urban riding, Superb is a full service shop offering repairs and sales in an environment designed to stylize the act of bicycle shopping. Expanding on the shop’s original 1900′s motif, the retail store is a marriage of Victorian esthetic and minimalist design further commenting on the bicycles dual nature of being both tradition and trend.
As the need for alternative methods of transport become an ever-growing reality, Superb responds to the consumers desire for stripped down and simple ways to get to work, and yet offering tailored components and frames to fit individual personalities. Superb identifies less as a retail store and more as a place where culture and commerce intersect.

Designed by O Z I I O
bicycle boutique, urban riding, fixed gear bicycle, retail store, Victorian esthetic, culture and commerce,O Z I I O, tailored components

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