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Sun68 Flagship store design in Milano by cp architetti

Location: Milano
Source: cp architetti
Made by: Cp Architetti
Published in: February 07 2013 / Fashion Stores
In the area of Navigli, on the ground floor of a building overlooking the dock century, was made ​​the second flagship store for the fashion company SUN68.
The request of the client was to create an environment as a "measure of location", the result of the encounter between philosophy and characteristics of the spaces: the enhancement of the product takes place simultaneously with the discovery of the interior of the building, stripped of accretions and finally free to show in their structural and original material.

The space has been completely emptied and cleaned from previous installations techniques and coating materials, bringing to light the walls and arches below. These new objects designed to perform the functions of the store, approach to the structure disclosed without concealing: the side wall of precast concrete box containing the dressing mirror, the central cabinet metal waxed and lacquered white monolith of the case.
C&P Architetti, padova, sun68, showroom, sun68 padova, shop design, visual merchandising, Navigli, fashion company,functions of the store, concrete box, dressing mirror

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