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Subway 2016 windows by Coach & Booma Group, New York

Location: New York
Made by: Booma Group
Published in: October 25 2016 / Shop Window Displays
Once again, Coach is making an outstanding window concept and that one is maybe their masterpiece of the year. This is the Coach vision of a Subway, luxurious, beautiful and stylish. Gunmetal handrails, bag holders and accessories, suede seats, pink brushed metal pannels and rubber floor.

For this complex execution, Coach trusted Booma Group one more time, and seeing the result, they made the right choice. Construction and details are perfectly executed, but most difficult part was into engineering such big pieces (the full version is a 3.5×2.5x1m). Not only all electronic system was needed to be integrate into the pannels plates to have nothing visible, but also, it is all tight and fixed without screws!!!

The window concept is directly linked to the collection of Coach that have a very new-yorker spirit with hip hop and varsity style influences. With a total of more than 200 of those pieces, it represented , 70 000 kilos sent with 22 containers all over the World. 20 stores had also special customed LED signs. Booma Group superbly executed this window, that is definately a stunning masterpiece. his window is now visible in most of Coach stores, from Shanghai to New York, Paris to Dubai, Tokyo to London etc.

Booma Group
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