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STYLERUNNER in Armadale Victoria by Noise Noise Noise

Location: Armadale Victoria
Source: retail-focus
Published in: November 18 2020 / Fashion Stores
Womens activewear retailer, STYLERUNNER, have opened their first bricks and mortar store in Armadale Victoria. Melbourne creative studio, Noise Noise Noise is responsible for the new brand identity and inspirational concept store environment.

The STYLERUNNER store environment was conceived during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. A time where the world faced challenge and constraint. Noise Noise Noise explored the effects of the global situation and decided to create a space that debated reality and explored the feeling of euphoric energy.
At the most simple level, the space utilises the power of colour and form to boost moods and incite positivity. The store encourages a positive emotional response for the customer one to replicate the endorphins our brains and bodies are addicted to [and craving during the height of 2020].

A mind altering reality takes inspiration from digitised new found world-esque futures, reinterpreting natures semiotic forms with a psychedelic spin, yet with a bulbous softness and ambience that ensures afresh feminine approach. Gradients melt across the space in an energising trio of mint, blush and lilac whilst ambient scenes of natural aesthetics invoke pleasure, joy, and carefree abandon.A shapely oasis crafted from sycamore timber layered with marble and champagne steel helps ease the customer into their arrival, a transition to a momentary escape. Floral art by Melbournes XX-Flos sits playfully hand in hand with the store space to present yet another moment of joy during the experience.

The footwear display central to the store space takes reference from the verticality of the forest, cocooning the customer into safety. Mint green curved shelving separates the zone, whilst the inspiration from mossy mounds growing on the forest floor is interpreted in an organically shaped ice blue hand tufted rug for luxe under foot differentiation. Teddy velvet seating bench texturally creates a playful softness whilst the bulbous snake-like form wraps around the customer, alternating the direction of seating to keep with social distancing efforts. Dropped from the ceiling, oval shaped water ripple mirror acts as a portal to a place beyond. The distortion of reflection and form, a purposeful effort to transport the customers imagination to another world.

A neon cloud floats above to the rear lounge whilst stainless steel fused with mirror curves around the grid of the fitting room exterior a sealed pod if you will. Unexpectedly, the interior of the fitting room unveils an uplifting graphic interpretation of oversized nostalgic bubbles that euphorically float over the walls and floors. Draped digital printed curtains seperate the space into two for maximum flexibility, whilst mirror ceilings and dimmable lighting ensure the most idealistic photo opportunity. Service from the team is at the flick of a switch, and so to complimentary hydration [water]. The internal switches corresponding to illuminated signage outside the individual room to help notify the team and encourage social interaction.The STYLERUNNER concept store designed by Noise Noise Noise is an example of retail design that fuses social trend with physical space, understanding the consumers feelings and desires and offering a unique, brand relevant experience.
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