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Store Design "FAVORS! by cbr

Location: -
Source: danpearlman
Made by: Dan Pearlman
Published in: May 21 2013 / Fashion Stores
The customers are greeted by generous merchandise tables that stage the product diversity in the room. Urban materials such as steel combined with warm, bright wooden structures creates tension, which makes the colors of the modern range to its best. Extensive product and brand experiences are possible through innovative cabinet and screen system
In the Store Design "FAVORS! by cbr "hits stores on relaxed urban style safe, unagitated design, as in the current collections of the two brands. Here, self-confident women in a contemporary, wearable fashion and its surroundings feel good, true to the company motto, "Smile-You Look Beautiful."
Dan Pearlman,FAVORS! by cbr,unagitated design, store design

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