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STORCK Welt flagship store in Centro Oberhausen by dan pearlman

Location: Oberhausen
Source: knoblauch
Made by: Dan Pearlman
Published in: December 05 2016 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Everyone in Germany knows them: Dickmann’s, Riesen, nimm 2, Werthers Original, merci, Knoppers. We grew up with these treats and both we and our children simply love them. The company behind those brands is Storck, which in 1903 started as a candy factory and now belongs to the 10 largest confectionery manufacturers in the world.

Now, Storck decided to present the famous products in a 180 square meters flagship store for the first time. The Storck brand world was conceived by Storck in cooperation with the agency Pahnke Markenmacherei from Hamburg. dan pearlman’s retail designers were responsible for the implementation of the first STORCK Welt in the shopping mall Centro Oberhausen. The intention behind the flagship store was to bring Storck’s popular brands together under one roof for everybody with a sweet tooth.

The STORCK Welt openend on November 3rd making the entire product portfolio tangible in one flagship store located on the ground floor of the Centro Oberhausen close to the foodcourt. The Shop was named ‘Welt’, by the way, because of the most famous products’ letters: W of Werthers, the E from merci, the L from Lachgummi, and the T from Toffife.

designed by: dan pearlman
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