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‘Stin Platia’ Restaurant by Eleftherios Ambatzis

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Source: delood
Published in: April 02 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
The Greek village square has been transported to the area of Nea Ionia, Athens as reimagined by young architect Eleftherios Ambatzis, in the design concept of 'Stin Platia', a newly opened grill-restaurant. Created from a disused storeroom, its tired interior of the past has been reinvented as a contemporary interpretation of the countryside. From the black painted facade representing an organic rock to the picture window which merges the barrier of the indoor and outdoor space, we are invited to enter a nostalgic journey back in time...

The traditional ‘taverna’ tables and chairs are painted in black and white, the colour palette which defines the space. A pattern of black metal grids which begin at the entrance, continue in the interior and are utilized to display a selection of herbs and spices which are used in the kitchen. The pre-existing mosaic floor has been left in its original distressed state to emphasize the outdoor feel of the eatery. Details in red, the hanging lights, old gramophone and bathrooms punctuate the space and on the single white wall, images from the past are projected to the accompaniment of the unique sound of vinyl records played on the gramophone. A trip down memory lane in a fusion of styles to be enjoyed by all!
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