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Squires Bingham Sports store by Grupo Santamaria, Philippines

Made by: Grupo Santamaria
Published in: April 23 2013 / Other Stores
“Squires Bingham is a sporting brand founded in the 1905 by British owners that later passed ownership into Filipino hands. The brand survived more than a century of vicissitudes of sportsmen’s tastes by catering to the less fleeting ‘gentlemanly’ pastimes that stood the test of time. This branch opened in an upscale neighborhood whose denizens are accustomed to the sports the shop espouses and a genteel manner of shopping. The design provided expansive displays to browse through, pocket lounges to dawdle in, and contemporary accents with nods to the company’s Edwardian era roots.” -by Toby Martin.

Designed by Grupo Santamaria
All photos by Paul Del Rosario
Squires Bingham Sports, store by Grupo Santamaria, Philippines, Bingham Sports philippines

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