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SMYTHSON windows display - The history of travel

Location: London
Source: retail-focus
Made by: -
Published in: July 30 2014 / Shop Window Displays
From the earliest vintage travel posters to today’s digital generation, one thing can be said for certain – the desire to travel has remained ubiquitous. One of the earliest known literary records of travel dates as far back as 1336, when poet and scholar Francesco Petrarch ascended Mount Ventoux in Southern France, reciting the extraordinary views seen from its incredible height. It seemed that without the ease of air travel there was a relentless desire to discover.

As travel advanced through the 1800s, it became something of a fashion to explore the unexplored. Once a necessity for colonialism, exploration and war, voyages slowly evolved into a luxury experience in which the journey was just as important as the destination.

To celebrate our longstanding heritage of luxury travel, Smythson recently collaborated with artist Billie Achilleos to create a staggerwing model plane made entirely from the iconic Panama collection. An innovator of his time, Frank Smythson made history in 1908 when he created the world’s first practical, portable diary. Translated today into a selection of lightweight travel handbags and accessories, the Panama collection merges the past and present through its pioneering design and signature cross-grain leather.

pictures and text: http://blog.smythson.com
SMYTHSON, windows display, The history of travel, Billie Achilleos, Frank Smythson

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