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Skt.Mafia store by ANGATU, Vila Velha – Brazil

Made by: Angatu
Published in: April 28 2017 / Other Stores
The design for the SKT.Mafia store creates an ideal space for the skateboarding scene. Located in Vila Velha – Brazil, the location experienced allows for diverse use as a skate park, store, event space and bar. The existing structure, a former home, had its principal form respected while undergoing renovations to establish a new, commercial use.
The various ambiances of the store were connected through lighting and materials that reflect the urban space. The proposal’s idea is to create the ideal atmosphere for the skater and enhance the sensory experience.

The concrete circulation connects the sidewalk to the store and is bathed by the tee light of the washers on the wall to transport the patrons within the Mafia SKT atmosphere. A square of tubular stands out in the lane and acts as an anchor element of the project. Cement and black prepare a neutral base to allow the use of red in the decoration and joinery to highlight as the main color of the mark.

Design: ANGATU
Photography: Camila Santos
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