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Skechers showrooms by Zemberek Design, Istanbul

Location: Istambul
Made by: Zemberek Design
Published in: June 27 2016 / Fashion Stores
When hired to design the Istanbul headquarters for the Turkish distributor of international footwear giant Skechers, Zemberek Design was tasked with realizing heterogeneity within a homogenous brand space. The resulting interiors reinforce brand identity while accommodating a rotating range of Skechers’ 3,500 seasonal products across three dedicated footwear showrooms: Performance, Casual and Kids. ‘We thought that a single showroom concept containing all products would be boring,’ says Zemberek partner Başak Emrence. ‘We didn’t want customers to have a tiresome, time-consuming experience.’
The team established distinct ecosystems within a larger biosphere. All spaces share some materials – such as metals, black fabrics and concrete-like plaster – as well as curvilinear forms. In each functional zone (reception, offices and discrete showrooms), however, metals and plaster have diverse finishes, fabrics are used in different ways, and the resulting structures vary as well.

Photos Şafak Emrence
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