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Sinato | DURAS Daiba

Location: Tokyo
Source: arthitectural
Published in: October 12 2013 / Fashion Stores
The interior of a boutique in huge mall. At first, we have to think how to make use of the 3.65m high-ceiling for this interior. Generally the space above head height is just void for only looking in a boutique, because most of the action for buying and selling is centered close to human body. To avoid this condition, we installed imaginary ceiling made by expand-metal at 2.25m high and set up stepped platform that allows shoppers to reach the attic.
Two stepped platforms as like hills are useful stage for displaying bags, heels and mannequins and give us the choices of flow, the long way by going at floor level or the shortcut by going up some steps..

Mirrors round the edge of the attic visually expand the shop. We expect this illusionary view as a gimmick not to get bored with the shopping in a huge mall.
Location: 1-3-15-3F Aomi Koto-ku Tokyo 135-0064 Japan
Designer : Chikara Ohno / sinato
Design office: Sinato
Client: DURAS Inc.
Date of completion: 12 / 2009
Use: boutique
Area: 126.76m2
Photographer: Takumi Ota
sinato shop design,Chikara Ohno / sinato, sore designers japan, retail design tokyo, stage platform display

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