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Seventh Heaven Departmental store by Mohamed Amer, Bahrain

Location: Bahrain
Made by: Mohamed Amer
Published in: March 12 2013 / Department Store
True purple color & blue mirrors appears as an accent in the otherwise neutral scheme “where the product become the true victory of color”. The design is based on creating a “visual and tactile experience” and within the shop where the variety of textures and materials all enhance the experience.
The Design pushes consumers through the store, making sure they doesn’t stay in one place. Walking through the store, moving and changing perspectives allow you to discover something new. Yes! There is something new and exciting and startling – and the Seventh Heaven selling environment in over the top Bahrain .

Designed by Mohamed Amer
Photography by Mohamed Amer
Seventh Heaven, Departmental store, Mohamed Amer, Bahrain, victory of color,tactile experience,textures and materials, Mohamed Amer designer,selling environment,Bahrain shops, Bahrain designers

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