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Seed of city bookstore by Kyle Chan & Associates Design, Hangzhou

Location: Hangzhou, China
Published in: November 17 2017 / Book Stores
By capturing natural light and shadow, Karv One draws inspiration from the highly agrarian image of “seeds” for the design of the new Yan Ji You book store in Hangzhou, located in Raffles City Plaza of Qianjiang New City. In continuation of its exploration on the relation between design and cities, Karv One applies the natural elements into the design of space and gives it a dynamic sense of life while strengthening the connection between brand design and Hangzhou culture.
This is a breakthrough that Karv One tries to make by opening up an experience space of uniqueness amid the bustling urban life. The concept of “seed” and “Hangzhou” are creatively blended to show how seeds and culture cast the future of urban life. Brand and space are like seeds sowed in the soil of Hangzhou, which later grow into blossoms all over the city.

Design: Kyle Chan & Associates Design
Photography: Dick Leung
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