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Scotch & Soda store design in Mannheim Germany

Location: Mannheim
Source: Glamshops
Made by: -
Published in: March 25 2014 / Fashion Stores
When the merchandise and the brand image are reflected and mixed in a pleasant way in the store design, using materials, fixtures, lights, colors and concept … is called “perfect store”.
It means that is “perfect “ for the store clients because thy can enter in the mood of the brand and understand in another way the merchandise and the purpose of those products.

After a short visit at the Schotch and Soda in Mainnheim we consider it a “perfect store”. We were impressed by the attention gived to details like: vintage/ rusted hangers, stage reflectors, floor layout, visual merchandising, fixtures made from pipes, fitting rooms and,wood floor and of course the brick wall. Two floors and three departments of Scotch and Soda brand definition, under the same roof.
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