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Santa Eulalia store in Paseo de Gracia Barcelona by William Sofield

Location: Barcelona
Source: diariodesign
Made by: William Sofield
Published in: November 25 2014 / Fashion Stores
It might seem like Fifth Avenue, but we are in the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. Some decorative details could remind the Art Deco aesthetics of the roaring 20s, but the new Santa Eulalia is a boldly conceived and designed to store the nineteenth century. Newly renovated by the American architect William Sofield, the classical hotel had worn for more than 150 years to the Catalan bourgeoisie is now a cosmopolitan establishment proud of his overflowing glamor, that has nothing to envy to the best shopping in the world.

A dream of their owners, Luis Sans and his wife Sandra Dominguez. And thanks to the total renovation of the building housing the iconic establishment of Passeig de Gràcia 93, have seen it come true. It has kept the original façade, but the store has been completely reinvented, creating a new concept more in keeping with the times.

Renewal Store has given the 168 years of history of the brand Santa Eulalia, but has combined the honor of being the oldest in Barcelona textile trade with a smart business vision focused on global and cosmopolitan future in which it is immersed in the world of fashion. In addition, the new store has wanted to open a Barcelona-not in vain his name pays tribute to the patron saint of the city, but also to the thousands of foreigners who visit each year, more than ever welcome to the renovated Santa Eulalia . Visit the new store is definitely an experience.

But the store also holds some new surprises such as pop-up store that will periodically renewed with new proposals: for its inauguration has chosen a selection of headgear of French firm Maison Michel, founded in 1936, relaunched by Laetitia Crahay and currently owned by Chanel. And experience seems to have been a success.

In addition, we found a small, exquisite coffee with terrace, furnished with air inspired posters from the 20s and 30's own Santa Eulalia: the bar has been recovered from an old bar of Toulouse, Thonet chairs are upholstered with a reprint of a pattern historic Liberty, and the marble tables printed with wrought iron feet up the furniture inside. In the adjoining garden terrace, Tolix metal chairs, designed in 1927. In short, a small corner where exquisite taste a selection of light meals and sweet or savory snacks at any time of day, created exclusively by the chef Sylvia Quintero.

Some decorative details such as the Art Deco facade logo, created in 1926, or the neon located above the entrance doors 1941, have joined harmoniously to a new corporate identity created by studying the study Mario Eskenazi, National Award design 2000. Two Barcelona chairs upholstered in yellow and located at the entrance, plus giant hanging lamps glass facade, designed by Miguel Mila, also yield a living tribute to the history of design in Barcelona.
Santa Eulalia, luxury store interior, Paseo de Gracia, William Sofield, luxury stores, Santa Eulalia victorian interior, Art Deco facade

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