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Sakai knife shop by everedge, Osaka

Location: Osaka
Made by: Everedge
Published in: November 06 2014 / Other Stores
In Sakai, Osaka perhaps the world’s most famous cutlery makers have been quietly residing for at least over a 100 years. Over 90% of the top chefs worldwide own culinary knives from Sakai. There everedge designed an interactive space where customers can have an open discussion about the finest cutlery, try it out themselves, and even take classes in its use. Makers of the knives and chefs alike teach lovers of great knives and great cuisine the finer details about knife handling.
You can walk through the “Open factory”, purchase knives, have handles made and fitted, and even try your some sharpening. A gallery of over a hundred styles current and historic are available for trial cuts, slicing, and dicing. Genuine Japanese materials outfit a “contemporary Japanese modern” theme throughout the different spaces. With it use, this space will see its contemporary style embraced with a timeless quality; and like Paris with its culinary art being one that you must taste to believe, this will be the destination showroom for buying today’s finest cutlery.
knife retail shop, everedge design studio, Osaka knife store, magazin de cutite, cutlery makers, knives from Sakai

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