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Run Colors store concept by mode:lina

Made by: Mode:lina
Published in: November 20 2013 / Shoes / Bags
Encouraged by their successful Warsaw-based store and internet store – owners of RunColors decided to show their offer of limited series of Nike, Adidas, New Balance shoes to citizens of Poznań.Designers created a concept for their new store in Stary Browar shopping centre as a space with strong connection to recognizable RunColors name and logo – „running colors” theme.
Shoelace – a feature distinctive for the brand - inspired mode:lina designers to create a dynamic and multicolour installation made of colorful ropes that remind of shoelaces. Their prismatic shape refers to a fast movement of a runner – colorful lines bounce from one wall to another also merging into floor space.
Dark grey walls make a great background for a wide range of shoes in different colours as well as coloful rope installation. Store interior is furnished with dark grey painted antiques – it is an echo of Warsaw-based shop. Massive old furniture with tiny colorful touches makes a good counterpoint for light rope installation.

PROJECT: Run Colors
DESIGN BY: Architectural Studio mode:lina architekci
DESIGN TEAM: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin, Agnieszka Owsiany
STATUS: Completed (October 2013)
AREA: 110 m2
PHOTOS: Marcin Ratajczak
Nike, Adidas, New Balance shoes, mode:lina

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