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Ruby Saloon Concept Store, Munich

Location: Munich
Made by: -
Published in: January 14 2014 / Shoes / Bags
Ruby Saloon is a concept store for leather goods, shoes in particular. The space is small, only 35 sqm, a large shop window faces the main drag. Inspired by the famous saloons of cowboy films llot llov developed and adapted the concept in this new context.The floor is covered with big metal sheets, the surface of which develops a patina over the years. The centre piece of the store is a bench that doubles as sitting and showing device. The sitting part is covered, saddle like, with rough leather and felt.

Above the bench dangles a light installation made of copper pipes, simple and pure like barn lights, but due to its size and symmetry grand like a chandelier. The mechanics behind the light object were exclusively developed by llot llov.
On the right hand side is a wall of blackened wood that gives the room a very rustic appeal. On the left hand side rests the shoe shelf, which is multiplied by a mirror at the end of the room. The optical illusion of an endless shelf makes for a larger room. The neon lamps give the store a futuristic appearance and provide equal lighting for all products.
When entering the store you can see at the end of the room the sales counter looking like the bar counter of a saloon.

All objects and furniture were exclusively designed for this project by llot llov.


Task: Concept, interior design, furniture design, lighting design, styling, joinery, site management
Size: 35 sqm
Materials: Sheet metal, steel tube, laquered wood plank, cooper tube, leather, industrial felt, neon
Project: Ruby Saloon
Category: Concept Store
Location: Reichenbachstr. 32, 80469 Munich
Photo: Jann Averwerser
Ruby Saloon, Concept Store, Munich, concept store in munich, retail design and concept store, lighting design, styling,steel tube, laquered wood plank, cooper tube, amenajare concept store, leather goods

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