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Roca stand design at ISH Frankfurt

Location: Frankfurt
Source: danpearlman
Made by: Dan Pearlman
Published in: April 03 2013 / Pop-Up Shops / Stand
Dan Pearlman is responsible for the stand of the sanitary manufacturer ROCA on the ISH in Frankfurt. Unlike in previous collaborations in the years 2009 and 2011, the challenge was this year it prominence is not only the brand, but their products to the forefront. Three themes represented the brand expertise of sanitation experts ROCA as a holistic experience bathroom. The multiple dimensions of the stand were sold by a specific color from each other.

In sleek black, there was the field of cooperation with the premium brand Armani. Initiated in 2010 Bathroom Collection, is characterized by a unique design and high quality. Here banded together two market leaders and prove their respective industry expertise.

The minimalist, white-designed product range could be inspired by the motto "Browse Your Bathroom" of diverse solutions for the bathroom. A bathtub to the fixtures, the visitors were here to convince inspired by ROCA product portfolio and. But not only sophisticated design and the variety of sanitary products were in the foreground, but also the responsible use of the resource that this industry demands: water. The efforts of the Foundation, "We are Water" is this year an important part of the ROCA brand presence and maintaining the importance of water and its protection in the foreground. Info texts and maps guide the visitor through the work of the Foundation and sensitized for the responsible use of the limited element.

In the field of Media Plaza stated: bluff. Gaudy colorings ensured fair quite a stir. Multimedia presentations welcomed visitors to the stand and made upon entering the booth for the first highlight.
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