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Reposi Calzature Alessandria by Diego Bortolato

Location: Alessandria, Italy
Source: arthitectural
Published in: December 02 2013 / Shoes / Bags
Interior project for a commercial space, marked by the use of natural materials for furniture and flooring, brushed and waxed oak. The project is characterized by the redefinition of high height spaces with the addition of two plaster wings with an irregular and stereometric pattern and the dematerialisation of structures camouflaged by a layer of enamel black paint.
Large reflecting surfaces contribute the multiplication of views. Neutral natural oak was chosen for its flexibility in relating the different colors and styles of shoes.
Location: P.zza Garibaldi, Alessandria, Italy
Architect: Diego Bortolato Architetto
Project name: Reposi Calzature Alessandria
Photos: Daniela Bortolato
General Contractor: R2 – IMPRESA COSTRUZIONI
Furniture: F.lli GROPPO Srl. manager: Arch. Alberto Seita
Electrical Plants: – VIOLA IMPIANTI, di Viola Claudio
Plasterboard and Plaster Ceilings: BONELLI CESARE
Special Lights: PROGETTO LUCE
Walls and Decorations: MICHELE VALENTI & FIGLI
Windows and Metal Works: SELVAVETRI di Davide Selva
Commercial Floor: 75 mq.
PROGETTO LUCE, Diego Bortolato Architetto, reflecting surfaces,natural oak, Reposi Calzature , design interior magazin pantofi, sisteme de iluminare magazine, spoturi magazine, arhitect magazine

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