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Reopening the Baume & Mercier boutique in The Dubai Mall

Location: Dubai
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Published in: September 10 2015 / Jewelry / Watches
Baume & Mercier Reopens its doors to The Dubai Mall Boutique

Baume & Mercier and long lasting partner Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons officially reopened their boutique in The Dubai Mall after renovations took place to ensure a unique and intimate client experience.

The new design encompasses comfort, elegance, harmony, conviviality, and timelessness – brought to life by the incredible brightness of the space. The boutique is beautifully designed mirroring the brand’s long-standing values of sharing, authenticity and continuity. It is exclusive and elegant, filled with natural materials and soft, delicate tones that create a delightfully cosy environment.
The welcoming atmosphere and warm décor enable the space to become a place where visitors feel at ‘home’.
Customers now have a chance to immerse themselves in the world of the collections, as well as to appreciate the elegance of Baume & Mercier signature areas stretching from the Men’s to the Ladies’ environments which are all imbued with a pervasive sense of luxury and tradition.

In this new boutique, clients will fully experience, feel, live and be completely immersed in the Baume & Mercier universe!
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