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Radio royale the Forbidden City

Location: Eindhoven
Source: weheart
Published in: January 08 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Restaurants/bars/clubs etc. in barely-touched former warehouses are hardly anything new, however – as proprietors around the world continue to put lavish interior designers out of business – it’s not a trend we’re about to get bored of. Any time soon. In fact, with every flake of crusty paint that peels, every chip of floor tile that comes loose, and every hunk of unfamiliar machinery that throbs in our imagination; we just love them more and more.

Located in Eindhoven’s Strijp-S – a fantastically bleak 30 hectare site, formerly owned by Dutch electronics giant Philips and known locally as The Forbidden City – Radio Royaal is another post-industrial wonder to add to the list. What they haven’t spent on interior design has seemingly been spent on some choice pieces of art, Rene Mesman’s wonderfully brusque photographs of plated raw food looming large overhead.

Chairs, tables and a vintage TV box look like they’ve been dragged straight out of the warehouse manager’s 1950s boardroom, whilst from the kitchen; the ugly/beautiful paradox of oysters embody the cold splendour of the venue. A grubby little beauty in a seriously hip city.
Text from http://blog.bolia.com

"Having just returned home from Eindhoven, I am even more thrilled with the city and everything going on in the area.

The key point of my trip to Eindhoven was to visit Piet Hein Eek’s huge factory and shop filled with recycled furniture.

What a fantastic experience. AND to think I was able to visit the successor to Restaurant Goudfazant in Amsterdam, Radio Royall. The creative design community is truly flourishing in and around this city and I can highly recommend taking the one-hour train ride from Amsterdam to Eindhoven.

Situated in the former Phillips factories – in an old machine building – is the restaurant Radio Royaal. It originally began as a pop-up restaurant created by Niels Wouter, Bart Gardenier and Stella Birsak during Dutch Design Week last year. But they fell in love with the place and decided to make the restaurant permanent. Fortunately, Niels Wouter was at the restaurant on the night of our visit. It was nice to meet him again and get an insight into his creative ideas and thinking in general.

And the restaurant is really rough-looking – in a beautiful way! The aim was to make as few changes as possible to the large industrial space. So everything has been preserved as far as possible: the large machines and winches, the bare walls and the old tiles on the walls and floors. The furniture reflects the same spirit, including used chairs from school canteens and retro-style leather sofas.

Niels Wouter has this to say about the place and its decor: “Everything’s beautiful – 90% of it was already here.” That’s truly what you can call re-use!

The place was so new that we couldn’t even use our credit card yet. We don’t use cash and Niels quickly suggested that we could avoid having to wash the dishes if we just transferred the money when we got home. Great service and a lovely evening."
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