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Puri Chveni restsurant design by YOD design lab

Location: Dnipro, Ukraine
Source: behance
Made by: YOD Design Lab
Published in: March 22 2017 / Restaurants / Bakeries
New restaurant in the downtown of Dnipro town invites you to feel the famous atmosphere of Georgian hospitality.
"Puri Chveni", as ideologists told, - restaurant of modern Georgian cuisine with conservation of centuries-old foundations and traditions.
Georgian customs saved not only in the food but also in hospitality the country is famous for.
The name "Puri Chveni" in translation "Our Bread" symbolized goodwill, because bread - symbol of hospitality in Georgia.

The restaurant has two floors: first floor and basement. On each of it guests may see the distinctive elements of Georgian culture.
On first floor is tandoor - an integral part of Georgian cuisine. Georgians cook in such oven bread in different forms: long Puri, rounded Matnakash and Shoti - in the shape of a boat.

Also, on first floor the guests can see the composition of lamps, which designed of felt and symbolize kvevri - ceramic product that resembles amphora and used for making wine. By the way, in 2011 Georgia kvevri was listed as cultural heritage by UNESCO.
Downstairs, guests firstly see the soul of restaurant - wine cellar. "Puri Chveni" offers only Georgian wine.
All these details allow to the guests truly experience the atmosphere of sunny Georgia.

Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko
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