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Puma store Munich

Location: Munich
Source: arthitectural
Published in: January 09 2013 / Fashion Stores
Theatinerstrasse is Munich’s famous shopping promenade and home to puma’s new redesigned store. plajer & franz studio under the direction of Ales Kernjak (head of global store concepts, puma retail ag) gave the shop a thorough makeover and filled the 326 sqm space with a dose of joy, innovation, simplicity as well as various local influences.

In line with the philosophy of puma’s retail 2.0 concept, the store has been constructed in accordance with the company’ s sustainable guidelines: the general use of building material has been reduced to the minimum, leaving the ceiling open and the brick walls untreated. Any materials used such as wood for the ceiling beams, furniture or floor finishes are certified guaranteeing that forest products used are from responsibly harvested and verified sources, and low-emission paints and adhesives are being used. Above that, an efficient lighting system, using mainly HIT lights, has been applied to save the energy consumption of the store and thus further reducing its ecological footprint.
The two floors of the store are joined by a huge brandwall made out of moveable cubes in puma’s ci-color, which not only sets a distinctive focus point but above all adds to the dynamic, vitality and fun of the shop. Overhead screens on the first floor featuring hypnotic, slow moving visuals of scenarios from clouds to underwater scenes add to the shop’s atmosphere. Local elements further high light this idea , while at the same time giving the store its local relevance. Appearing somehow ‘out of place’ within a minimalistic and innovative store concept, the changing room area is a homage to the typical alpine hut. It is manufactured from bavarian reclaimed wood that has been finish-worked giving it even more patina and recharged with ‘pumarized’ details such as red doors and window frames, puma’s ‘dylan’ cat sculpture holding a deer antler or cut-out puma cats replacing the usually engraved heart-shaped door hole.

Inside the changing rooms shoppers are greeted by a lif e – size sculpture of cat ‘dylan’ and a red floor mat saying ‘ servus ’ – the bavarian word for ‘ hello ’. ‘The new Munich store elevates puma’s effort in bringing back the joy of sport and lifestyle into retail environments’ says Ales Kernjak . ‘ The new space surprises with unexpected features, reflecting our passion in interacting with our consumers, and creating a memorable and engaging retail experience with local flavor. ’

Cutting-edge technologies such as iPads or the puma ‘peep-show’ are integrated in to the store design allowing customers to browse through puma’s website, watch brand image movies and access the european online shop, which offers a wider merchandise assortment, complete size runs, andalternative colors of items stocked in store . These technological inputs further aim at unifying both worlds – online shopping and the experience of a ‘ real ’ store – and enhance customer’s interaction in-store and with the brand. Besides, they add this little extra of fun during a shopping experience . Still being puma’s core competence, footwear has been given the most prominent position within the store: several display tribunes on both floors and a separate footwear area on the ground floor mark its leading part. The second floor is designated for men’s and women’s sport and lifestyle apparel and footwear as well as a motorsport column. All i n all , the puma store in Munich displays a great mix of innovative solutions, joyful elements, simplicity, and a local relevance, unified in a sustainable design concept.
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